Retailers Is the Compass to Success and Failure

Written by Dave Mar

I’ve lead close to 100 teams to success using strategies and tactics that I discovered which put me first in the nation!

February 5, 2015

On the marketing screen, the field where it shows the number of retailers is a set value that you can not change in the current year. This seemingly meaningless element is actually your compass to knowing if what you did last year was successful or not.

Watch the Direction of Where Retailers are Going.

  • Any Glo-Bus company that wants to be successful wants to have retailers on their side.

Increasing Number of Retailers?

  • Equates that the market is demanding your brand.
  • This demand will increase to stronger market coverage in the future and thus greater net profit.

If Your Number of Retailers is Decreasing

  • It means that your brand is losing loyalty, and therefore it is being outclassed by other Glo-Bus companies. Glo-Bus is not a game where you want to limit your market coverage. You want retailers on your side.
  • My suggestion for decreasing retailers is increasing retailer support or advertising.

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