New Glo-Bus Simulation Game Cameras and Drones

Written by Dave Mar

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May 23, 2017

What is the Difference Between
Classic Glo-Bus and New Glo-Bus?

Mechanically New Glo-Bus works the same way as Classic Glo-Bus and BSG. Therefore much of what has been written works similarly, but there are key differences.

1) For starters, Glo-Bus operated with Entry-Level Cameras and Multi-Featured Cameras. However, New Glo-Bus operates with Cameras and Drones. What the company is now doing is different, however, the same concept that you are operating 2 different lines of products on the Product Design screen.

2) Another fascinating difference is the concept of money, to make somewhere in the neighborhood of about $80-$120k in classic Glo-Bus was extremely good. However, New Glo-Bus effectively inflates the value of money. Therefore do not be surprised if every company is making $150k+. The value of money means less in New Glo-Bus. And this has some strong financial implications that we will get to later.

3) The concept of models and quality has changed too. Before the highest models and quality was 5 models and 5 PQ (Product quality). This has now changed to 7 models and 10 PQ. Therefore the game has become more complex in regards to how many combinations can now exist as every 0.5 PQ means a difference.

4) As mentioned, money has been inflated in New Glo-Bus and so have prices as well for both Cameras and Drones. They have split the Marketing screen to have now a screen for both Cameras and Drones. Marketing, in general, has become more complex.

5) The most significant changes happen on the Product Design and Marketing Screens. The old assembly screens of classic Glo-Bus have been taken out, and by doing so has made the game somewhat more linear.

6) The compensation, corporate citizenship, finance, and cash flow screens remain very much intact to how they appear in both classic Glo-Bus and BSG. Therefore the back operations half of the game remains similar. Even the “optional” screen of special contracts mirrors the optional screen of discount bids in classic Glo-Bus with a similar premise.

The good news from all this is that Glo-Bus (GB) remains to be a far simpler game than BSG with fewer screens to concern yourself with. I have likened BSG to chess and Glo-Bus to checkers, in the concept that BSG is a complex sophisticated game that a player with a low standing with luck and right moves can rise to the top, Glo-Bus is much more linear and must win with a numerical advantage. Therefore Glo-Bus is also less prone to the big swings seen in BSG. This works in your favor if you’re the market leader and in your disfavor if you’ve hedged your company in a weak strategy. Following these steps though, position your company to be at least one of the market challengers, if not the market leader itself.

Grand Champion of Glo-Bus

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