New Glo-Bus Simulation Game Cameras and Drones

What is the Difference between Classic Glo-Bus and New Glo-Bus? Mechanically New Glo-Bus works the same way as Classic Glo-Bus and BSG. Therefore much of what has been written works similarly, but there are key differences. 1) For starters, Glo-Bus operated with Entry-Level Cameras and Multi-Featured Cameras. However, New Glo-Bus operates with Cameras and Drones. […]

Refund Policy

I will refund your Glo-Bus guide if you are sincerely unhappy with the guide. It is my mission to help students all across the world experience success in their class utilizing my strategic experience. To ensure my policy’s clarity, I have outlined the official terms and conditions below. 1) The student to have made a sincere […]

Glo-Bus Quiz 2 Answers

Glo-Bus Quiz 2 is an exceptionally challenging quiz unless you have a firm grasp of all of the formulas and how they interact in the game itself. Here is an example question.   If a company earns net income of $35 million in Year 8, has 10 million shares of stock, pays a dividend of […]

Glo-bus Quiz 1 Answers

Question 1  Glo-bus Quiz 1 Answers Most students who play the Glo-Bus Simulation will write Glo-Bus Quiz 1. Glo-Bus Quiz 1 is not too difficult, as long as you read the manual and tests fairly basic concepts in the game. Here are a few sample questions.   Question 1 The decisions that company co-managers make […]

The Workforce Engine Behind the Strategy

The Workforce Engine Behind the Strategy Treat your employees well, that’s what we all hear in business school. The Glo-Bus Simulation is no different, so don’t cheap out on the incentives, fringe benefits or wage increases. Having the highest paid employees in the industry will make you the most productive, and that makes huge savings. […]

Pricing Entry-Level and Multi-Featured

Pricing Entry-Level and Multi-Featured Do not automatically think lower price is better Certainly lowering prices increases demand, but by doing so, you lose profitability, and thus force other companies to lower their price as well. This triggers a price war. No one wins a price war I have seen many industries where all companies attempt […]

Retailers Is the Compass to Success and Failure

Retailers Is the Compass to Success and Failure On the marketing screen, the field where it shows number of retailers is a set value that you can not change in the current year. This seemingly meaningless element, is actually your compass to knowing if what you did last year was successful or not. Watch the […]

Debt Financing – The strategy to improve your score in every way!

Buy Back Shares Early- Debt Financing Buying back shares is one of the only “tips” you can do in the game that will instantly guarantee you a higher score because it increases almost every metric you’re graded on 1.Increases your Earnings Per Share dramatically 2.Increases your Return on Equity dramatically 3.Will have higher dividends for […]

The Power of Research and Development

The Power of Research and Development Investing money into research and development now allows multiple years to enjoy the investment. Invest as much as you can. The Glo-Bus Simulation Game is a rolling powerhouse of whoever lowers their costs first. If you invest into RnD in the later rounds, you will have fewer years to […]

Glo-Bus Simulation Winning Strategies!

Hey guys, This is it, I have finally gotten around to make an exclusive Glo-Bus Strategy website. Here I plan to have archive all the tips, strategies, and etc in regards to the Glo-Bus game. On my to do list is to create a post covering both the most popular Glo-Bus Quiz 1 and 2 […]