Refund Policy

I will refund your Glo-Bus guide if you are sincerely unhappy with the guide. It is my mission to help students all across the world experience success in their class utilizing my strategic experience. To ensure my policy’s clarity, I have outlined the official terms and conditions below.

1) The student to have made a sincere effort in reading all the information in my guide. Reading the first few pages of introduction is merely the start of my guide.

2) Contact me within 7 days of purchase, which is on average the length of time for a Globus Round to pass.

3) Allowed me the opportunity to help you personally. My guide is only a small slice of my strategic knowledge and critical thinking and I can help companies out of the most awful circumstances personally.

4) My refund policy is for all guide sales made through my website .

5) My refund policy is upheld in good faith and fairness as a Grand Champion of both the Business Strategy Game and Global Business Simulation Game, and that my strategies are reliable and accurate. All I ask is that you uphold the same values of good faith and fairness as I will to you.

6) Every so often, I have a student who has an unrealistic expectation that I have hacked the game with cheats or that I can present 1 set of numbers that will work in all scenarios and all years. That is not strategic management, that’s blind inputs, all my strategies in my guide are based upon good business practices and logic which 100% works in all situations.

7) If you are looking for inputs, please contact me separately as I do have decision sets for specific situations.