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Play the game with the advice of a Glo-Bus Grand Champion

Last year I was a student like you, in a class with a graduation around the corner. I had to play the Business Simulation titled the “Global Business Simulation Game” or what is known as Glo-bus for short. The Glo-Bus Simulation involves running a fictional camera business to which you will sell your brand in regions such as North America, Europe-Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

Sounds like fun eh? The performance in the Simulation was worth 40% of our final grade for a capstone class in the MBA program I was in and as an honors student I was totally motivated to win. An avid gamer, playing strategic games such as League of Legends, Starcraft II, and even World of Warcraft, alongside a business background made me want to dominate the competition in a way that was never seen before by my professor.

I did really well in the practice years of the Glo-Bus, but in the actual game my heart SANK when I saw I was 7th place out of 8 companies in the first year. I thought my GPA was over, and I could kiss that semester scholarship I was preparing to receive goodbye. Despite it all, I kept telling myself, keep positive, I can get through this! I formulated a long term strategy that would grant me an absolutely advantage in the late game. And slowly every year I rose up a rank. By about year 11, I had reached second place against someone who had a score of 110! For 3 years I traded blows with the top company, and in year 15, I sprung the trap!

The BIGGEST UPSET EVER as I swiped the win from underneath the top company.

My professor was so impressed, I even had to give a special presentation to the Dean about how I came with such a potent strategy that brought down a company that had won nearly every round until the end.

I was invited to a Grand Championship Invitational in 2014, and this time I was ready. I worked the strategy in mind from the start, I hovered around second place for the first few years of the game, and sprung the trap even earlier, taking the game by year 9. Eventually earning the title of “Grand Champion of the Glo-Bus Simulation”

Ever since then I’ve been working towards perfecting my strategies, and I’ve been helping students achieve success by replicating a strong mid game strategy with a surprise finale move. My strategies have branched out as I develop techniques for not only winning the game, but turning around  sick companies who are headed towards bankruptcy even in the late stages of the game. My site offers my premium Glo-Bus strategy guide and a free Glo-Bus Free Tips guide if you join my Glo-Bus Strategy Email club.

The Ultimate Strategy Guide for Becoming a Glo-Bus Champion

Learning how to play the Glo-Bus simulation game can help you achieve a score that makes you a champion. An effective way to enhance your chances of success is reading Glo-Bus simulation methods and Glo-Bus simulation game tips from a strategy guide written by a Glo-Bus champion. You can find out how to win at the game

“I was in deadlast with a score of 35. My teacher said there was "no way I could come back." After reading the guide and following Dave's principles I ended up with a 92. The biggest come back in the history of the class.”
- University of Colorado

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It was amazing. Having Dave as a teacher showed us how the game really worked and from there we were able to implement a winning strategy that distinguish us from the competition!
Kalamazoo College
Thanks Dave, we increased in score by 3 rankings this last year exactly as you said it would!
Boston College
I came in at FIRST PLACE thanks to your help Dave!
Hawaii College

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