The Workforce Engine Behind the Strategy

Written by Dave Mar

I’ve lead close to 100 teams to success using strategies and tactics that I discovered which put me first in the nation!

February 7, 2015

Treat your employees well, that’s what we all hear in business school. The Glo-Bus Simulation is no different, so don’t cheap out on the incentives, fringe benefits or wage increases. Having the highest-paid employees in the industry will make you the most productive, and that makes huge savings.

It is a Strategy to Have a Strong Productive Workforce.

Treating your employees well gives the long-term benefit of having higher productivity levels.

Train and Pay them Well.

I suggest investing in their training and development and also giving them above-average wages. Watch productivity levels, they should be rising every quarter if you do this correctly.

Mistreatment of Workers.

Your company is doomed to fail.

I have seen many companies diminish their productivity and cheap out on their employees, to the point that it isn’t even worth building cameras in-house anymore.

If this happens to you begin a training campaign for your workforce and pay your employees huge bonuses and this should reverse the direction of productivity immediately.


New recruits to your company will quickly adjust themselves to the new working environment and churn out cameras as fast as the employees that have stuck with your company since year 6!

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