Hey guys,

This is it, I have finally gotten around to make an exclusive Glo-Bus Strategy website. Here I plan to have archive all the tips, strategies, and etc in regards to the Glo-Bus game.

On my to do list is to create a post covering both the most popular Glo-Bus Quiz 1 and 2 Questions .

A post on how to first view the Glo-Bus game when you first start.

A post on how to view declining bad Glo-Bus circumstances.

And I plan to do this with accompanying videos.

Feel free email me if you guys think I should do another type of post.

www.globussimulation.comĀ is going to be the capital of the latest strategies and Glo-Bus marketĀ trends in the industry.


  • Nicolas Vandenbussche December 8, 2015 at 12:36 am


    I am a student of UGENT (Belgium) and play the game Glo-Bus as it is part of one course.
    After 2 years, we are the last one of 12 in our industry. Do you think you can help us?
    If I want to buy your guide by paypal, how fast can I get it after the payment? (Because every 2 days we have our deadline, so i really need help fast)

    Thanks in advance
    Nicolas Vandenbussche

    • Glo-Bus Grand Master December 30, 2015 at 2:32 am

      Yes, I can help you, please email me for more information.

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