The Power of Research and Development

Written by Dave Mar

I’ve lead close to 100 teams to success using strategies and tactics that I discovered which put me first in the nation!

January 8, 2015

Investing money into research and development now allows multiple years to enjoy the investment.

Invest as much as you can.

The Glo-Bus Simulation Game is a rolling powerhouse for whoever lowers their costs first.

If you invest in RnD in the later rounds, you will have fewer years to enjoy your investment. Therefore it is most important to invest early and enjoy more years of the benefits that RnD will bring to your company.

If money is short or if your company is losing. You may consider not investing in RnD, as it costs a lot of money which you may not have. However, I always say to invest for the future.

Always think to yourself do you want to win the round or do you want to win the game.

By investing in research and development early, you will ensure that your company will remain a relevant force in the later stages of the game.

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